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Our Vision

smiling women in Nigeria

Our vision is to address the enormous backlog of women awaiting life-altering fistula repair, ensuring that they receive timely and quality care from trained providers. At the same time, we work to remove barriers to emergency obstetric care that lead to fistula in the first place.

Fistula Care is focusing on:

  • Establishing or improving fistula services in collaboration through a network of facilities that address prevention, simple repairs and complex repairs
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring standards, guidelines and protocols for the prevention of fistula in the context of maternal health programs, and for the care of women with fistula 
  • Training surgical teams and strengthening the capacity of hospitals to provide optimal care for women with fistula
  • Training doctors in fistula repair surgery
  • Preventing new cases of fistula by improving the quality of delivery and emergency obstetric care services and increasing access to family planning
  • Engaging communities to change social norms and enable women to have timely access to maternal health care
  • Conducting research and collecting and analyzing data in order to improve the quality of current fistula services
  • Encouraging a supportive policy environment for fistula repair services and prevention

Fistula Care works to improve access, ensuring that women get to the right place with the right services at the right time. The project is supporting a network of facilities offering a continuum of services, from emergency obstetric care, referrals, and family planning to complex fistula repairs and advanced surgical training.